May 11, 2010

This Is What YOU Call “Sunday Morning?”

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The following clips might tick off (or tickle) some emergent, relevant, “seeker friendly” church types, but c’mon you KNOW THESE VIDEOS ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU.

Walk into many IC’s today, and you will find that many of them are more than willing to cater to goats instead of the sheep. Morning worship has turned into a jammin’ rock concert while the “worship” of our God has turned into an emotional sing along. God is certainly worth more reverence than the “ultra cool” house band playing the latest filth from the radio station, and the overly emotional worship leader setting men back 1,000 years in masculinity.

I’m not against dressing in jeans and tees to fellowship. (as long as everyone is observing modesty) I prefer people not to wear suits and dress up, (which takes OUT all of the pomp and circumstance) however THIS is NOT the way. Sure it is the way to pack your church every week and increase those tithes and offerings, but not the way to worship God. This is what some in the IC call “Sunday Morning.”

They can keep it.



  1. I have been part of this for 10 years!
    now, thanks to your videos, i know i am not alone in this struggle for truth!
    i now listen to a 24hr online radio station, that opens us to
    the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  2. Peter Park said,

    What is that correction? Practically speaking…what needs to change and how?

  3. Peter Park said,

    I have mixed feelings about the videos making fun of Sunday morning worship. Is the point to encourage correction or is it just a joke?

    • While do not know the intention of those who made this video, but I happen to think it’s pretty funny… but it does tell a story which I believe should encourage correction to those who are discerning.

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