June 17, 2010

Do Church People Hate You?

Posted in Healing Series, Videos tagged , at 3:44 am by Set Free Indeed

Have you found that many of the members of the church you attend hate you? They don’t want to fellowship with you, they gossip and slander you, they mistreat you, and worst of all you can’t think of any valid reason as to why they treat you like their worst enemy? Maybe your church is full of goats who are enemies of Christ, and therefore become your enemies by default.

Are you finding it difficult to connect with members of your local church? You have explored every possibility, blamed yourself, prayed to God for the answer, begged for fellowship only to experience a shallow pool of filthy water instead of the deep sea of living water in Christ and the fellowship of the brethren?

I found myself listening to this blog by my dear sister in the Lord FaithandReasons, and wanted to share her video blog with you. What I am posting is the intro video which will lead to this link here on Blip TV: http://blip.tv/play/AYGw3ncC It is 26 minutes long so sit back, and see if her testimony is similar to yours and know that you are not alone.  Grace and Peace.



  1. It’s not just the unsaved in big churches but it’s christians in general that have been brainwashed by churchianity as it stands. They will reject you. Any ministry God gives you will be rejected.

  2. Sisterlisa said,

    Where is her blog? Can you link me up please? The video is hard for me to hear and I’d like to read what she writes. Thank you. 🙂

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