June 23, 2010

Churchianity – The Clergy / Laity Lie

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Today’s modern Church has lost its way in the Institutional System.

Over the centuries there has been an extra-biblical distinction made between the clergy, and the laity in many IC’s creating a caste system of elite high priests who sit at the front and rule over the “common” people.

There are no elevated positions over the flock in the ekklesia. We are all priests in the kingdom of God with Jesus Christ being our one and only High Priest. Each one in Christ has a spiritual gift used to the glory of God, for the edification of the saints, and the furthering of the Gospel, but the ICs of today have elevated certain spiritual gifts over others, in particular the gifts of leadership in pastors and elders.

It is time we really take a biblical look at this system we have created. One of its main motives includes the idea that the laity need a ruling elite class of clergy to exalt themselves over the flock of God. No where do you find this ideology in the scriptures. The people of God have a Good Shepherd in Christ, and while elders are valuable, they are considered sheep too as well as a novice in the faith who needs a shepherd.



  1. Dave Gilbert said,

    This is called the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which Christ said he hates in Revelation. There IS no clergy / laity distinction in the Body of Christ and there never has been.

    “Churches” get this idea from the Old Testament use of priests, which was abolished after Christ rose again, and from Protestant and Catholic institutions which meld pagan traditions with biblical principles.

    In Christ, we are ALL priests and kings, with Christ himself as the head of us all. Granted, we all have differing talents and gifts, but NONE of them is to rule over the flock…rather, to FEED the flock and watch over (rule) us. Different kind of “rule” folks.

    False teachers are famous for the wrong type of rule…one tweak and their groups become cults…some denominations come close to this and are cultish in their behavior. I don’t have to name them, many of you can think of them off the top of your head.

    May God bless you, fellow children, with wisdom and discernment.

    Dave Gilbert

  2. HenryB said,

    Hello, we are so alone as a family, we’ve come to believe this way for a long time, but now we are at the end of our capacity it seems.
    We have several children, from Mexico. we tried living in the U S A for years, but were persecuted, or rejected by churches because of not believing in clergy laity doctrine. For the last two and half years we’ve been back to Mexico (border), but are so alone now. People here are against us, we travel like two hours to a church in US, but have no fellowship, you know. Your video was so encouraging. Have some very good writings from the 1800’s in english, on the subject. Do you know anybody out here that believes this way???
    or do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

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