June 24, 2010

Churchianity – Clichéd and Extra-Biblical Sayings

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You have heard this silly clichéd saying from the most sincere Christians, even from those have no desire to follow Christ.

“You are too heavenly minded to be any earthly good!”

This phrase is often used to disarm genuine Christians who are on fire for Christ because they upholding a godly biblical standard in their lives.

This post will be about the silly, stupid, and un-biblical clichés being used over and over again in IC’s by their members, many of which are not grounded in biblical truth or have sinister motives.

This is just a sampling of those various sayings and scriptures.

Some Scriptures out of Context:

  • Matthew 7:1- Judge not, lest you be judged. (Used to tell people not to judge others no matter how terrible the sin. Twist not the scriptures lest you be like the devil 😉 )
  • 1 Chronicles 16:22, Psalm 105:15 – Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. (This passage refers to physical harm to God’s biblical prophets, not that you can’t speak biblical truth to them or point out error in love.)
  • Malachi 3:18 – Will a man rob God?” (I would like to ask the leaders who extort tithes from their congregation the same thing.)

Catch Phrases, Sayings and Questions That May Be Used:

  • “God knows my heart” (Jeremiah 17:9 – the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it. God knowing your heart isn’t necessarily a good thing.)
  • “Don’t put your mouth on the ‘Manna God’” (Meaning you can’t say anything bad about a spiritual leader even when they are in biblical error. This is a threat to keep Christians silent about sins of leaders in the congregation.)
  • “Be careful of what you say about the man of God” (Same motive as above, but this is more of a veiled threat used in conjunction with the saying above.)
  • “Christians shouldn’t argue about scripture!” (So I guess we are to let heresy and false doctrine go eh? Rooted in the false tolerance and “love” of the world which turns it’s back on biblical truth.)
  • “You are too Heavenly minded to be any Earthly good” (The most “heavenly minded” people have been the most earthly good to God and his kingdom this is a heretical statement if there ever was one. What happened to FIRST seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness?)
  • “Who are you accountable to?” (This is a reference to someone being accountable to a leadership in a church. This assumes that one must be under submission to a church’s leadership, and the person being questioned is supposedly being a “lone ranger” with “no accountability.”)
  • “Who is you spiritual mother/father?” (This saying is based on the false spiritual covering doctrine out there that one needs a spiritual mother/father to be accountable to.)
  • “Stop majoring in minor things.” (When the issue is REALLY MAJOR)
  • “Just PRAY about it.” (Instead of dealing with and confronting sin. We’ll just ignore scripture and let God deal with it.)
  • “Let go and Let GOD!” (Do what exactly? LOL)
  • “Just praise your way through it…” (Another way to ignore real issues a believer is having while denying your responsibility to help them.
  • “Why are you trying to be ‘holier than thou’ or a ‘holy roller’?’ (Oh this is the favorite saying of churchman who would rather live a live of sin than live up to God’s holy standard. This is their way of persecuting and shaming real followers of Christ for doing so. )
  • “God is love, and we should love one another and not judge.” (Again Jesus speaks about a certain type of hypocritical judging, and does not bar a Christian from using discernment when righteously judging a situation based on the word of God.
  • “God helps those who help themselves.” (This is a false saying. God helps those who CANNOT help themselves, and our salvation is one of the many examples of this. Salvation is by grace through faith, and not by works so man can boast of “helping themselves.”)
  • “God bless the child that’s got his own.” (Again another extra-biblical works-oriented saying that I hear all of the time which is false.)
  • “God will give you a hundred fold blessing” (This false saying comes out of the false prosperity doctrine that God desires all believers in Christ to be rich.)
  • “Sow a ‘seed’ to receive your blessing” (This again is based out of the false prosperity “gospel” which incorrectly applies the concept of sowing and reaping to Christians giving money to get a 100 fold return on their investment. This is NOT how biblical giving is done.
  • “God wants believers to be RICH!” (Ugh…. FALSE!)
  • “No one’s perfect.” (While this is a true saying, this cliché is often used to justify “cheap grace” while continuing in sin. There is ONE who is totally perfect who walked among us, and while we can’t be perfect in ourselves, we will be perfect in Christ.)
  • “I’m going to get what God has for me!” (The cliché of the covetous and selfishly ambitious. Folks who use this cliché for the most part treat the Lord like he is their cosmic genie, often acting like God is required to give them all their fleshly wants and desires.
  • “Oh you’re just a hater.” – (Ahhh the term “hater” has often been used by churchians who want to dismiss criticism for their behaviors. When you are more focused on their “haters” more than on Christ, you are self-absorbed and full of yourself.)
  • “Don’t throw stones.” (This is a phrase derived from the gospels of Jesus saving the adulterous woman from being stoned. “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” I have seen the phrase used correctly in it’s context, but most of the time, this is another catch phrase used to deflect blame and valid biblical criticisms of a person’s behaviors.

Know the real intent of these extra-biblical sayings. The churchianity system often programs it’s followers to (mis)quote and (mis)use scripture and other un-biblical sayings to protect themselves from being exposed to biblical scrutiny. You will hear many leaders and congregants use the following phrases and scriptures out of context to deter dissent and correction among the congregation, as well as some other sayings. These mantras are clubbed into the heads of churchgoers every week, and they can spit these phrases without any hesitation, but still do not understand the gospel, or who they are in Christ.

Here are some more unfortunate sayings of churchianity:

1. Sow a seed!
2. Turn to your neighbor & say…
3. God don’t bless no mess!
4. God don’t like ugly!
5. When the praises go up the blessings come down!
6. God hates sin, not the sinner!
7. I’ll pray for you!
8. He who is without sin cast the first stone!
9. Don’t judge!
10. I’m coming’ out!
11. It’s not over til God says it’s over!
12. God ain’t through with me yet!
13. You don’t know my story!
14. No test, no testimony!
15. I plead the blood!
16. I feel the anointing!
17. I’m blessed & highly favored!

Whew. Pray for the IC, but also pass this blog along, tell your brother/sister in Christ the truth today.



  1. Percy Brown said,

    My eyes and heart and ears have too been opened up by these cliches and foolishness that IC produce upon infant believers…I have received revelation from the Spirit by reading and showing myself approved a good workman.
    …I used to be in the church scene, but it wasn’t for me, I saw and heard so many lies and contradictions and when I asked about them..I received the shoulder, I was told to forget everything I have learned and follow him.
    I knew this was going to end bad if I did, so I left the so-called church..Now I study at home and on line with other believers who have found out that the believers who attend such facilities are being mislead..I do my best to warn them, but they say they will stand with their leader..so I encourage others daily, not for comments, but for the hope that they read the truth and prosper in GOD’s wisdom…

  2. frank said,

    I agree that the OT uses the idiom of permission, saying “the LORD killed so-and-so” meaning, “the LORD permitted so-and-so to be killed” because those people did not have Holy Spirit in them and were mostly not able to understand the spiritual warfare between God and the Devil.

    Adam had dominion over all God creation in the Garden. But when Adam sinned, this dominion was DELIVERED [TRANSFERRED] to the devil. Luke 4:6 And the devil said to Him, “All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

    This is where we are at today.: 1 John 5:18-19 (Amplified Bible)

    18We know [absolutely] that anyone born of God does not [deliberately and knowingly] practice committing sin, but the One Who was begotten of God carefully watches over and protects him [Christ’s divine presence within him preserves him against the evil], and the wicked one does not lay hold (get a grip) on him or touch [him].

    19We know [positively] that we are of God, and the whole world [around us] is under the power of the evil one.

  3. frank said,

    “God is in control.” This satanic cliche attributes to God what the Devil does, That is blashemy in my book.

    1 John 5:19 We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.

    This is why we are to pray, “Our Father, Thy will be done ON EARTH”

    • Frank I have to respectfully disagree with you here. God’s sovereignty is just that, for He is in control of ALL things.

      Yes we have an adversary in Satan, but if you remember the story of Job, Satan was given PERMISSION BY GOD to do all those things to Job, yet it WAS God’s will to test Job in this manner to expose pride in Job’s heart.

      We cannot give God credit for good things, yet not think he cannot control calamity, or create disaster, for he says as much in the bible. God does permit evil for the good of those who love him, and so His name can be glorified in all the Earth.

      Isaiah 45:7 (NIV1984) – I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster; I, the LORD, do all these things. .

      The KJV says “Evil” in place of “Disaster” but I believe the NIV renders it correctly.

      “God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone” (James 1:13).

      “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5).

      “God is not the author of confusion” (1 Corinthians 14:33)

      Just as darkness is the absence of light, evil is done in the absence of good. That describes fallen mankind to a tee…. and Satan too.

      God’s role with regard to evil is never as its author. He simply permits evil agents to work, then overrules evil for His own wise and holy ends. Ultimately He is able to make all things-including all the fruits of all the evil of all time-work together for a greater good (Romans 8:28).

  4. Dave Gilbert said,

    Agreed. These are many of the sayings I grew up with, and characterize why I no longer attend an IC; but going much deeper, the main reason I do not fellowship with people in the IC is their lack of discernment which is indicative of a heart condition towards God.

    I believe God brought me out of this for my benefit and more, for HIS. ” Come out from among them, and be ye separate…”

    IMO, the IC is “religion” at it’s finest and not indicative of a true relationship with God through Christ.

    My one disagreement with what is said in the article is this: I can find no precedent in the Bible that calls for the saints to pray for that which is ungodly…perhaps I misunderstood the aim here, not sure.

    I can however find COMMANDMENT for them to pray for the growth and protection of their brothers and sisters in Christ…and if some still remain in “churches” such as described here, we’re to pray for them to leave them in favor of fellowship in spirit and truth IMO.

    In Christ,


  5. tracy said,

    I just wanted to comment on one of your unfortunate sayings of church people, although there are others as well. #17 I’m blessed and highly favored. I would have to disagree with this phrase being unfortunate, because the word of God tells me that as a believer I am blessed for many reasons (one is because I walk in righteousness – Read Proverbs 8:32) and highly favored (because God favours the righteous – Read Psalms 5:12) It is carnal Christians who give positive sayings about God a bad reputation, because they have a bad reputation as ambassadors of Christ.

  6. ExPartyGirl said,

    Good article- I would’ve loved it if you could’ve included the correct translation of the verses above which are so often twisted-the sad part is, as an ex-pentecostal, we (the general we) have been so conditioned to sit in the church and eat whatever we are fed, that “we” don’t take the time to read the bible for ourselves- on top of that, at the IC, throw on some loud screaming in shouting, someone shaking on the ground, someone else literally running down the aisle (while the scripture is being twisted!), and that’s a receipe for believing ANYTHING that comes out of the pulpit. Mmm-mm- m. thank God for revelation, and thank you Lord for teaching me how to read the scripture for myself.

    Saints, it’s time to stop feeding of the milk of the word and mature and grow and eat the MEAT of the word! Don’t be afraid to ask the question that so many consider near blasphemy “IS IT BIBLICAL?” Ask questions, and line it up with the word.

    Great article! God Bless!

  7. Ashley said,

    I have been a viewer of yours for the past several months, if not a year..and I must say that I greatly appreciate your stance in the faith. You tell it like it is even when people don’t want to hear it like it is…I love you for that, sister, and I encourage you to keep pressing forward in God’s grace.

    On the topic of this post, I think I may be coming close to developing a *tick* if I hear another church cliche..lol. The Lord brought me out of that about a year ago, maybe. I could quote cherry-picked verses and cliches with the best of ’em, but all the while, it was vain and I was dead inside and didn’t even know it until Christ made me alive in Him. The IC has, on a wide scale, grossly failed at developing disciples. They’ve developed deluded parrots and “yes men” with a distorted view of God and the Word. And that was me, big time!
    Tactics like these are used in attempt to disarm those who have the guts to speak out, making people feel like they’re wrong for using the discernment that God has given them. I’m praying for God to continue to open eyes and expose deception..like He did for me.

    Take care sister
    God Bless ❤

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