June 30, 2010

Cover Yourself With My Title

Posted in Church Game 101, Videos tagged , , , , , at 4:13 pm by Set Free Indeed

I love parodies with a purpose. They get a point across with humor that otherwise might be missed, and this video is part of that growing trend.

You have probably met someone like “Prophet” Clarence Squires III somewhere. YouTuber openedmyeyes, our sister in Christ made this video. LOL. False doctrines like Spiritual Covering, False Authority, Superfluous Titles, Prosperity doctrines etc. are all covered here.


  1. Renee said,

    Very familiar with PROPHET SQUIRES and he has deceived many women..he preys on single women with children who have been hurt and need love.. He is full of sin and needs deliverance..

  2. Sonya Dean said,

    Great video and you hit the nail on the head with this one. All these titles are ridiculous and some of them sound made up.

  3. rory said,

    Titles are a great way for carnal church goers to recognize their leaders

  4. Sisterlisa said,

    I’ve had the same conversation with other title-worshippers. We are all ‘brethren’, equal. No more Jew or Gentile, Male nor female.

  5. Loretta said,


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