September 23, 2010

I’ll be back soon…

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Decided to take a summer hiatus… I’ll be back shortly talking about more topics that will hopefully be edifying to the body of Christ. Thank you to everyone who has sent comments and emails. God bless you.

Set Free Indeed



  1. Loretta said,

    Hope to see you on here again soon!
    love, Loretta

  2. Roy E. said,

    I saw your “Crossdressing for Christ video regarding Tyler Perry. By the way, NO Christian would do such a thing. IT IS ABOMINATION! DEUT. 22:5
    Your “Cross-dressing for Christ (The Tyler Perry Brand)…?”
    My response to that is, Cross-dressing is Sodomite Brand all the time!
    King James Bible says, The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so [are] abomination unto the LORD thy God.
    Cross-dressing! That’s trafficking in DEMONS. The man is a SODOMITE! The day he birthed the thoughts of “madea” is the day the demons gained access to the temple of his body if they were not already residing there.
    GOD Hates Homosexuality. It renders null-and-void “Be fruitful and replenish the earth!” It’s Satanic to the core. It is NOT entertainment.
    I was set free by The LORD JESUS CHRIST myself! Praise THE LORD!!
    By the Grace of GOD, I’m praying to snatch more from the flames of Hell also! Three of them family members. You and many like you are going to have a LOT to answer to The LORD for by viewing satan’s spiritual pot ash. Honestly, we know who these people are.
    I say this in love considering all the people who I have seen with and die from aids.These so-called plays are all earthly, sensual, and GOD profaning.
    GOD set us free and we became more profane than the ones who enslaved us. Having sunk as low as I had, I know.
    And blacks constantly making excuses for wickedness and poor choices. I’m know The HOLY SPIRIT having surely prompted us not to indulge.
    Matthew 7:14- Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that finde it.
    I didn’t just happen to stumble onto you on the web. I remember you from youtube. You really have some great things to say but you just don’t seem to take it to the end. There really is NO compromise with the world the flesh and the devil in regards to the likes of T. Perry.
    I didn’t really hit it off with that making a page thing on youtube. I enjoy downloading the how-to programs and how it is made, modern marvels stuff, megastructures and the like. They blocked me from logging in though. The spiritual forces in high places are removing all decency regarding TV. I view what I view online but GOD is letting me sense the end is come for this Hellish, rebellious nation. Lots of other people have posted such things also.
    Who cares, it about warning people to flee from the Wrath of GOD to come.
    You are right in removing yourself from a so-called fellowship that does not preach and rest in Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. It only took me 2 “churches” after I was born again December 2003. Two within 8 months. The first, after 6 months of great Sunday school with a large elderly group, started teaching Rick Warren and I never went back. The second was an old/friend who I thought was trying to change/turn from the wide road. He lead me to his fellowship, I joined and shortly thereafter he moved to another city.
    Didn’t feel welcome, so I left. Haven’t been to one since except being invited by family while visiting Ft. Lauderdale. My testimony was not what they were expecting in this small gathering but it was appropriate. It was the truth about a profligate lifestyle and the demonic battle that I refused to heed that was going on from The Holy Spirit’s promptings in my life even down to the point of my spirit about to leave my body.
    That’s when I knew GOD was Finished with my hellish rebuffs to HIS Love. GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE Simone. Personally, I’ve heard HIS flames. Turn away from the world’s so-called entertainment. The programs I view are neutral due to the spiritual condition of a former partner in sin whose spiritual background is roman catholic. It is not by power or by might but by The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD that he will be set free from his blindness.
    The roman catholics are truly blind by their long “Traditions” also and idol worship and now “emerging church/ we all worship the same GOD Blasphemy. Protestants are doing that also. Obama/Bush/Clinton….believe the same way…approval of sodomy. They are all fallen men.
    Jesus bought us and we are HIS, and He is a Jealous GOD. NO Idols! Draw nearer to GOD Simone and HE will draw nearer to You. You don’t need a group of people for that.
    I know I hit you with a Lot but we are and have always been a deadly spiritual war with an innumerable host of fallen angels and their offspring/demons – Genesis 6:4. They are very real. And we mock GOD by treading wrecklessly because just as GOD keeps a record of our walk, the demons keep a record also and they know when our protection is gone due to our open rebellion.
    I have very little to chat about with people I see other than to try to see what their spiritual condition is. Trust me, I have been targeted for my walk with GOD. But I know, as GOD’s Word says, “the wages of sin is Death and Hell and the Lake of Fire!
    A refining Fire is coming from GOD upon this country and all who are not right with HIM.
    Jesus says that only a Few get into heaven. Not a few from among the multitude of unbelievers, or a few from among the many false faiths but a FEW from among those who called the name of Christ. Statistically that’s a VERY few people getting into The Kingdom. Statistically that’s few blacks also. Although there is no race in heaven and is not to be regarding making disciples. Blacks love to blame. That ended when I was born again.. GOD is not willing that any should perish. 🙂
    Prayer without ceasing is a MUST. All throughout the day when you remember. This government and this secular world is setting you up to attempt to capture your heart and mind to give approval of their Satanized agenda. We can’t afford to have any attachments to this world system.
    I will be looking for you in GLORY. Regarding demons, view this video from Howard O. Pittman on youtube.
    I also spoke to FaithandReasons a while back. I love her videos as well as yours.
    The community of this entire country is in shambles as it plunges into the abyss of judgment and black folks are not immune from it.
    Speaking the Truth in Love,
    In Christ Alone,
    While I was yet in my sins, HE Loved Me!
    GOD Bless you Simone,
    Draw Nearer to HIM!
    May GOD’s Peace be with you as you Draw Nearer to HIM.
    Roy E.
    If you feel isolated, try dropping some tracts at your favorite stores and shops or give to friends and families. It can be personal or anonymous. I’ve read them all and bought lots. You can read them all for free at the website before buying. So no obligation. I’ll place your name and Evelyn’s in my King James Bible…the fake bible versions are another story… check it out for free on chick site also… November 8, 2010 1226AM

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