October 25, 2010

The Church Closet – The IC and the Homosexual Agenda

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It looks like the IC is having their very own coming out party in this decade, with many popular pastors and public figures in the Christian community in record numbers announcing to the world they are homosexuals. With the increase in wickedness and the spirit of Antichrist abound, more of some major players in the IC are sure to also admit they are homosexuals in the coming future.

This increase in homosexual acceptance in the Babylonian Institutional Churches shouldn’t take bible believing Christians by surprise, as a matter of fact, it should give you great comfort to know the bible is true when it talks about the homosexual, because they have refused to believe the truth.  There is no group I have ever seen in my lifetime who defends their sin more virulently than the LGBT community, so much so, that they want to brow beat and force others against their own consciences to accept their perverted lifestyles through the courts, and tyranny through the tolerance movement and other pro-gay organizations.   Their consciences has been seared as with a hot iron. Unfortunately, this group has crept in unawares amongst the body and now have climbed the ranks of the IC.

Some Pointed Examples

Now I really dislike using the term reprobate, because our God desires that everyone is saved, even those who have been given over to homosexuality, the bible speaks clearly that homosexuals have been given over to a reprobate mind. Well, if there was ever a reprobate, it is Tonéx AKA Anthony Charles Williams II. He came out in 2009 in an interview on the Word(less) Network with Lexi and admitted he is a “same gender loving man” who has no intention of changing, and homosexuality “wasn’t a struggle” for him. This man is “senior pastor” of a church (Truth Apostolic Community Church) Spring Valley, California.

Watch him “made over” in all of his effeminate glory.

I’m still praying for Tonex,  because though he is wallowing in mud right now, I see hope for him while he is still alive. Please join me in that prayer.

Another “Christian” Music Artist Jennifer Knapp recently came out of the closet as well.

Bishop Jim Swilley, pastor of the “Church In The Now” in Conyers, GA, recently came out to his congregation after his wife filed for divorce.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America last year approved a measure which said that ministers could be homosexuals, as long as they were involved in same-sex monogamous relationships.

In these interviews you will notice the same twisting of scripture and the unsuccessful efforts by Knapp, Swilley, Tonéx , and the Lutherans to try to justify their sinful lifestyles,  and more disturbingly people sitting there applauding their sin.

Welcome to Babylon.

Here are some folks who are still in the closet…

In November 2006, male prostitute Mike Jones alleged that Ted Haggard had paid him to engage in sex with him for three years and had also purchased and used crystal meth. Haggard later admitted to drug use but then denied any sexual relations with Jones.

Let’s not forget the recent scandals with Eddie Long who has recently been accused by now FOUR YOUNG MEN of sexual coercion, or in plainer terms falsely using his authority as the “Bishop” of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church to perform unspeakable sexual acts on these young men. Eddie Long when given the opportunity did not vehemently deny the allegations against him during a Sunday service at his church, yet exclaimed that “I’m not a perfect man.” (paraphrase) All the while his buddy Creflo Dollar months later described his friend’s troubles as a “wretch“… oh sorry… “wreck” all but secretly admitting guilt?

He seems to think he’s a Greek god in these pics IMHO. Eddie Long has since settled out of court with his accusers for a reported $25 Million Dollars.

Is there something in the water in Atlanta?

The IC Loves to Cover Sin

Now this is just a very small sampling here, and in no way am I saying that everyone in the institutional church accepts homosexuality, but there seems to be a trend of ACCEPTANCE amongst a subset of lukewarm professing Christians today that this behavior is just fine with them. “Don’t judge!” they yell… “Don’t throw stones!” and “Just pray for them” and “don’t put your mouth on them” they say.  Most of them are doing this to protect their favorite spiritual leader from scrutiny, but in all truth, this is EXACTLY what they need in light of these allegations/admissions. Nothing is wrong with prayer, but what happened to EXAMINING ourselves and holding people accountable, and holding ELDERS to biblical standards?

As long as the IC continues its indoctrination and indifference against dealing with serious issues within the body of Christ, you will hear more stories like this emerging in the media that negatively feeding the homosexual’s point that people are “born this way,” and Christianity’s stance against it cannot even help those who are in some of the more visible functions in the body of Christ.

There is a definite homosexual agenda emerging in the IC, and honestly, I will not be surprised when I see more prominent preachers and public professing Christian figures coming out of the closet. Beware, and continue to pray for those who are given over to this lifestyle that God might show them mercy.



  1. I corrected that sis. There was rumored to be 5 men, but only four settled out of court.

  2. Crystal said,

    Five? I thought there were only FOUR accusers in the EDDIE LONG case? When did this FIFITH one come in?

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