February 17, 2011

“Don’t Put Your Mouth on the Manna God!”

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This video debunks this fallacy in the IC in 2 minutes.

Many people believe their pastor is a highly exalted leader who can never be questioned or challenged when they have said something questionable. Inquiries on their teachings, even the most sincere ones are often met by this mantra by die-hard loyalists to their pastors and congregations, which means that you shouldn’t say anything “bad” about your church leader. It is intimidation at it’s finest, and is exposed for the folly it is here.



  1. Mrs. Mike said,

    Ah, yes, the mantle of Moses.
    Authority and the power to influence lives with the word of God comes with huge responsibility, that gravely, I’m sorry to say, is underestimated, eh?

  2. Dave Gilbert said,

    I agree with this man, except for a few things…

    1) Why the heavy beat in the background music? Why background music at all? Is this a reflection of “Radical Christianity”? Why not just address the issue of people listening to / believing their pastors in place of the Bible, without “dressing things up” and appealing in some sort of “hip-hop” way? This is worldly and un-needed IMO.

    2) Re-directing us to a book OTHER than God’s Word is unnecessary for our genuine growth and gets us off-track as children of God.

    3) I prefer a more accurate translation than the one he is using here ( NIV ?) but I’m aware that others aren’t as persuaded to the necessity of God’s very WORDS being paramount as I am.

    I pray that people who love the Creator will grow to love Him in spirit and in truth…and that truth includes a firm commitment to what God actually said through His prophets and apostles, not what a “copyright holder” put in their translation to make it unique and able to secure profits from.


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