July 21, 2011

The Government of Christ Vs. The World System

Posted in False Beliefs about Attending Church, IC Doctrine and Practices, Videos tagged , , , , , at 6:54 pm by Set Free Indeed

I really love this video, because it captures the nature of mankind, which is to control and dominate others, and showcases how this ungodly desire has translated itself amongst the ranks of many institutional churches today. The government of Christ is very different than any other government you will see on Earth.

The world system puts people in ranks, subordinates people based on titles, and puts importance on performance, shows favoritism, and  shuts the voices of the least of those. Not so with the body of Christ, those who desire to lead shall become servants in his kingdom, and if we follow the Son of Man, who came not to be served but to serve, it puts the kingdom of God, the Government of Christ in perspective for all the saints.

I’d rather show you my views than tell you…



  1. Dave Gilbert said,

    Apostasy..we are in the last days. Also, it would be good to look at what God says about those who dispute His Word and what they’re really made of.

    Jesus said,” My sheep hear my voice and they follow me”…those that aren’t His sheep follow another voice.

  2. Great video, loved it the first time I saw it and still do. I do wander why there doesn’t seem to be anyone actually obeying the scriptures pointed out in this video. Everytime I experience Any group of proclaiming Christians, from the obvious apostates to the apostate exposers. They all continue to make “their ministries” built around, designed to promote the persons who control the purse strings and gathering places, whether real or virtual, these people continue to tight fistedly control the environment and content, they barr what they dislike and promote themselves first and who they deem worthy. Why is this?

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