Fifteen Reasons I Will Never Join an Institutional Church Again

1. If I wanted entertainment on Sunday, I’ll go to a concert. AT LEAST there is only a ONE TIME FEE, for which I’ll never be under a curse for not paying.

2. If I wanted to shout and dance in a government not for profit building, the YMCA is around the corner… those aerobics classes are GRRRRRRREAT!

3. I am not a fan of church fashion shows and pageantry.

4. There is PLENTY of milk, grape juice, wine, crackers and bread in my home. Besides I’m a meat eater now. 😉

5. I think they have ran out of titles for clergy, but they just keep on inventing them… CONFUSING….

6. If I wanted to see a goat herder in action I’ll visit a farm.

7. I can “sow a seed” in my backyard garden, and “cut a step” in my living room.

8. No man can serve two masters… you cannot serve God and your local church leaders.

9. Babble from a baby sounds more coherent than the “unknown” tongues of men.

10. Tony Robbins is a better Motivational Speaker than Joel Osteen.

11. I already work for a worldly corporation.

12. I opted to take the red pill and stay in wonderland a little longer 😉

13. The choir director: His name is “Peaches” and he wears more lipgloss than I do.

14. Some churches vs. The Club… not much of a difference.

15. Call me Harriet Tubman… “I’s free naw….”


  1. Corey Seabloom said,

    What is the IC? Thanks!!

    • Dave Gilbert said,

      The “Institutional Church”…otherwise known as the religious system, versus the body of Christ and true fellowship.

  2. I to am free at last, free at last ,thank God Almighty I am free at last.(not from serving and worshipping Heavenly Father but to worship Him. amen amen and amen.

  3. Sonya Dean said,

    Those are 15 very good reasons and Underatand exactly where you’re coming from.


  4. Ariel said,

    Love it!

  5. Tocarria said,

    free at last!! free at last!!! thank God Almighty we free at last!

  6. Roz said,

    I certainly see everything you are saying about “the church”. I do know that we “the body of Christ” are THE church. The building is merely that, a building that God chooses to come and occupy as He wills. He also occupies our homes, workplaces, automobiles, etc. As far as the brick and mortar building, it is still important to hold “meetings” there in order for us (the body of Christ) to fellowship one with the other right or not? Aren’t we supposed to come together and fellowship? I’m always willing to learn something I didn’t something new or see things differently if I see it in God’s word or as He gives me revelation. Thanks for this topic. Very interesting. I look forward to hearing back.

  7. Roz said,

    So you don’t attend church at all?

    • Roz, I don’t attend church, no one does. If you read my blog on the site about the Church Jesus is Building You will see why I believe “going to church” is a misnomer.

      • Tocarria said,

        amen!!! im free to. i no longer attend the church.

  8. Dave Gilbert said,

    Actually, I think some of these reasons are “tongue-in-cheek” and a bit funny…

    I personally only have ONE reason I will never join an institutional church again: Because God’s children, those sheep that hear His voice and follow Him, are not there.

    In these last days I would be surprised if there are actually groups larger than a few at a time, made up of genuine, REGENERATE believers who sincerely believe God at His word and seek Him because they love Him instead of what passes for “churches” today.

    I seriously doubt I will find many non-compromising, truth-loving / righteousness-loving, believing-God-at-His-Word saints, especially in America…the land of self, where most people want God on their terms, B@skin R0bbins 31 flavors of God, not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    Another good article, at least from a personal stance..;)

  9. rory said,

    The shocking “NOT in Scripture List”

  10. Jacqueline Alexis Hill said,

    God bless you sistah…God bless you!

  11. Jim said,

    Why aren’t you sewing your gospel among the heathen located in the four walls down at the corner church. Afterall, isn’t this where the heathen are located according to your gospel. Didn’t He say to go out and make disciples… in His name. Wouldn’t you go to a hospital to visit the sick and/or dying.

    Without a doubt there are gross injustces being done within institutions all over the world. However, where two or more are gathered in His name… you have a formal church setting, and whether it is the four physical walls of a building, the walls of a blog/chat room, or just the four corners of the earth, you are within His domain.

    Is it hearers or doers that are abiding with Him. God chose among the debased things of this world to make himself known. No one ever earned a relationship with God, but thier fellowship certainly can be impacted when they become wise in their own estimation, and follow their own wisdom. Christ went everywhere, even into the four walls of religious institutions, to love people by setting them free through His truth.

    God calls people into a relationship with Himself. And there are men and women all over the place that are calling people into discipleship unto themselves. If we see this happening are we to retreat to a country club of our own creation because the battle lines aren’t comfortable. If this is where God calls you to, then you are within His will, and abiding in Him. It just doesn’t really seem to reflect the life that Christ lived out, except in brief times of restoration.

  12. Bryan said,

    Good website, and I also joined the Facebook forum. I left the IC almost 5 years ago, and consider myself a “free believer”, if I got to have a title. I appreciate what you’re doing here and at Facebook. Keep up the good work, and GOD bless. 🙂

    • Tocarria said,


  13. ExPartyGirl said,

    WOOOOO!! I LOVE IT!! PReach Preach!!! =)

  14. Tim said,

    Are all churches wrong in your eyes? Why do you criticize the “Institutional Church”? Wouldn’t it be better to aim at Apostate churches? Institutional isn’t wrong in itself.
    What do you think of Jesus’ promise to build his church? What do you think he meant by that?

    • Hi Tim 🙂

      Let me clarify some things. It is all depending on how you view the Church. The Church Jesus is building is the assembly and gathering of believers. This is the worldwide assembly as well as the local assembly. For a more in depth definition you may click HERE.

      Notice I don’t mention a building or an organization here. When I say “Institutional Church” I mean the Institutions that men have created which they falsely call church. I am not talking about the body of Christ which encompasses the Church Jesus is building.

      The Church is literally God’s body. In 1 Peter 2, the church is described as “living stones” being built into a spiritual house. You and I if we are believers are that literal temple Jesus is building of which HE is the chief Cornerstone.

      Many institutions as we have seen have grown apostate, so my aim is certainly at those institutions who have chosen their own way instead of Christ’s way. Every institution is not bad, however real problems need to be examined in light of the word of God so that we can address them, and be more effective for Christ.

    • Crystal said,

      What do you think about JESUS saying that all PHYSICAL BUILDINGS will eventually be DEMOLISHED? What do you think about STEPHEN telling the JEWS that GOD DOESN’T dwell in temples made by hands?

  15. Matthew Unverferth said,

    Question: did you come out of the assemblies of God?

  16. lin said,

    I know why I also would never return to the ic too and that is a long list largely to do with coersion and how boring and monotonous church services are! lin

    • Crystal said,

      I feel the same way about church services. When I first became a CHRISTIAN; I enjoyed all the things I was told I had to do to keep my salvation. But, very soon I became EXTREMELY BORED and stopped going altogether. I was like FRANK VIOLA. I thought I had COMPLETELY lost my mind. I just EVETUALLY stopped going altogether. It wasn’t until I started researching online that I began to DISCOVER the REAL reasons behind my DEPARTURE.

  17. Bill said,

    I’m enjoying your blog, first time visitor. Also enjoy your Facebook musings, we’ve exchanged a few messages there. Tony Robbins big comment is “unleash the power within you”:)

  18. Jazmin said,

    I LOVE THIS! May I share this list?

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