August 28, 2011

Zachery Tims: What The Church Can Learn From His Death

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Zachery Tims – Some Background on Recent Events in his life and Death

My heart is heavy as I write concerning the recent death of the well known Televangelist and Preacher Zachery Tims, who was recently found dead in the W Times Square Hotel in New York City. The media has reported that there was a “white powdery substance” found in his pockets, and he was found lying face up on the floor of his hotel room. What make this more tragic is that he was only 42 years old.

Now this blog is not to speculate or gossip concerning the final moments of his life, because that is yet to be determined, however, as I look at the life of this man, from what he has written about himself in the book It’s Never Too Late, he describes how he as a “teenage criminal” who was addicted to cocaine was convicted of attempted murder and was incarcerated for two years in juvenile facilities as a child. He says he overcame this by becoming born again, and finding his “divine destiny,” becoming a successful businessman, and founding the church he of which he was Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center.

According to the report in Charisma Magazine, Pastors Zachery and wife Riva Tims ended their 15-year-marriage in late July 2008, two years after it was discovered that Zachery Tims had an affair with an exotic dancer he met in Paris. He released a statement to Charisma magazine on August 14, 2009.  Zachery Tims stated, “I submitted myself to an ecumenical council  of clergy that came into my ministry and ran the spiritual operations while I submitted myself to a counseling and ministry facility for several months out of state.” Tims said it was never his intention to hurt his family, “It was never my intention to hurt anyone, and over this reality I have spent many days seeking God’s grace.   I am grateful for the love my family continues to extend to me as an individual and as a child of God.” He returned to the pulpit three months later, after beginning counseling with a group of ministers. His ex-wife Riva then began Majestic Life Church where she is the pastor.

Tims was extremely charismatic in his preaching. He had his own television program which appeared regularly on Christian television networks entitled No Limits, and his Church, New Destiny Christian Center, had over 8,000 participants.

His wake and funeral, attracted “superstar” Mega Church preachers. T.D. Jakes preached at his funeral, Jamal Bryant, and other mega church leaders such as Paula White, who Tims called his “Spiritual Mother,” were in attendance as well.

Is “Sitting Down” The Proper Biblical Approach to Sin?

Many churches are quick to “sit down” leaders who are caught in public sin only to put them back in roles the bible disqualifies them from assuming. When someone has been involved in some scandal or sin revealed publicly, or at least amongst members of the church,  church leaders tell the spiritual leader or ministry member take a “hiatus” from assuming their role either in leadership or other positions, and usually go through some counseling or waiting out the cause of reproach. (such as a pregnancy out of wedlock, shacking up etc.)

While I do believe that certain offenses and reproach can be removed from those in leadership and they can return to their role, was three months sitting down enough time for Tims to get over the pain and circumstances of his divorce and get back into the responsibilities of being an elder? Should Zachery Tims have been able to return to the pulpit looking at the qualifications if 1 Tim 3? What was the reasoning for him returning so quickly? Was it because Tims was THE face of NDCC? Was it his persona and charisma, for he was quite the dynamic and charismatic preacher? Was it the fact that the people demanded that he eventually return, or was it his desire solely to return to the role that outweighed all other dissent at the time?

In the aftermath of all of this, I wonder about how his soul was cared for in the church. What were the men who counseled him thinking when (and if) they recommended he return after such a short time? Was there ever time set aside for him to try to reconcile his marriage after adultery? As they say in certain parts “Somethin’ in the milk ain’t clean,” but the truth of the matter is clear to me:  Zachery Tims should have never been allowed to operate in the role as an elder after the news of his adultery was aired publicly. The bible is clear about elders being above reproach, having a good reputation with outsiders, and being the husband of one wife, and this scandal concerning his infidelity disqualified him from assuming the role of an elder. I can’t help but to think that the very leaders who preached and attended his funeral themselves have been revealed in infidelity, (Paula White and Jamal Bryant) and continue to preach yet they are not qualified due to public scandal of their own.

The Church for decades have ignored the warnings from scripture when it comes to dealing with brothers and sisters caught in sin. Whether repentance is present, or blatant unrepentant sin is evidenced, Matthew 18:15-20 clearly tells us how to deal with saints concerning sin, as well as Gal 6:1-2, 1 Cor 5, 2 Cor 2:5-11,  And passages in 1 Tim 5:1-2, 19-20, tell us how to specifically deal with pastors in the same context.

Zachery Tims and his wife Riva Tims

Family is the FIRST Ministry

It is obvious from pure observation that members of NDCC, especially the elders amongst them, should have had an active role in protecting their pastor and their congregation from further scrutiny. YES, not only is your pastor to care for YOU, but the body of Christ is to care for their pastor for he is a brother in the Lord. Amidst the charisma, flash, shouting, praising etc., there should have been SOMEONE to speak up and say “NO Pastor, you need to get your married life in order, you need to take some MORE time to mend fences with your wife and family.” If someone did step up, this man’s sin seems to have been glanced over as if it were some small thing that three months of sitting down could supposedly fix. It is never that simple.

No one knows all the details concerning what has happened in Tims’ marriage, but infidelity is a SURE SIGN THERE WERE PROBLEMS. Did someone care about this man’s soul? Or were we too busy wanting to be entertained by him to notice his marriage was falling apart? The church has certainly forgotten that the first ministry ordained on earth was that of marriage and the family. Today it is more about “ministry” and building big buildings and organizations. This monster of man’s creation, known as the Institutional Church turns men into idols and people into idolaters… and we know what God does to idols and those who worship them right? He utterly destroys them.

God Is Speaking: Are We Listening?

“God has something sobering to say to us through the death of this popular preacher.” – J. Lee Grady contributing editor of Charisma Magazine

When a preacher with the popularity of Tims dies at such a young age, there are always lessons to take from his life.  While there were points of doctrine and practice for which I have disagreements with Mr. Tims,  I do respect the fact that he did lead a congregation, but that is neither here or there. None of that matters now being that he is passed on.

What I do see today is God exposing darkness to the light, and sending shock waves through the church.  Over the last few decades or so, God has been exposing false teachers and preachers very publicly for who they are. The question remains, are his people listening? Do the sheep hear God’s voice or are we still yet asleep?

In our permissive culture we’ve lost the will to confront. God’s commandments have become suggestions. Accountability is viewed as legalistic. Morality has been redefined. And we’ve dropped holiness from our vocabulary.

As a result of our spiritual laxness, congregations not only tolerate but celebrate leaders who are unrepentant about their moral failures. As long as adulterous preachers tickle ears and soothe guilty consciences with empty words about prosperity, big crowds will keep the offering plates full. This fake religious game is a mockery of all that is decent and godly.

I won’t win any popularity contests for saying this. But I believe the Lord is speaking a sobering message to us through the death of Zachery Tims. God will not be mocked. As in the days of Isaiah, the Lord is saying to His people: “I’ve had enough!” (Is. 1:11, NASB).

The Lord is weary of our religious games. He’s going to close down the show. Judgment begins in the house of God. The fire of His holiness is going to be unleashed on the American church. Ministries that have been built on personality, pride, hype, charlatanism, fakery and compromise are going to crumble.

Leaders who strut on the stage, pretending to be men of God while hiding gross immorality, are on a collision course with the same God who struck Ananias and Sapphira dead in the book of Acts. We who celebrate God’s kindness must also know His severity. We who love to preach about His mercy must also know “it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God” ( Heb. 10:31). We who sing about heaven must also warn people about hell. – Oretha Winston Blog

A Message for Pastors, Leaders and The Congregation: Don’t Cover Sin!

Hindsight is 20/20 in the face of this tragedy. I do hope that there is someone reading this blog who takes heed. Please know that exposing sin publicly is the LAST RESORT for God concerning those who remain unrepentant. Go to a brother/sister who cares about you and let them win you over to the truth. Those in trouble and in sin with seemingly nowhere to turn, please remember the demise of Zachery Tims. Please know that if you need help don’t hide it, but go to someone in the body of Christ.

Listen to Him:

Matthew 11:28-30 – “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The church has covered up sin for too long. David said he acknowledged his sin to God and did not cover up his iniquity. The Proverbs tell us that He who covers his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Find mercy in the forgiveness of God… you don’t need a big ministry, lots of money, fame, prosperity etc. You need the mercies and love of God. He is the only one who can make it right.

As for the rest of you, who continue to put your pastors and spiritual leaders on pedestals so high the thin air up there suffocates them, God is going to hold you accountable for YOUR ACTIONS.  YES your pastor IS HUMAN. NO your pastor is NOT PERFECT.  YES your pastor will have to give an account for his own life, but we cannot continue to use these things as an excuse when they fall into sin. You cannot exalt your leaders to demigods and then cry “He’s not perfect!” or “He’s just human!” when your actions demonstrate to him that he is not. You ignore his sin, persecute those who point it out, treat him like a king, and try to protect him from the consequences of his sin even when he is dead wrong. The of exalting and idolatry of leadership and denominations has proven to be destructive.

Lord may we all learn something from this tragedy. PLEASE.


  1. The Guru said,

    Well here we are again! Don’t you people get it? The church is made up of fallen people operating under the grace of a God who is about the restoration of people. The reason the pastors are in the situation they are in is because people refuse to grow up an understand that the bible is designed to improve them, mature them and perfect them(Ephesians 4). We as parishioners go wrong when we let them assume too much leadership and do very little. We pay pastors and then let them treat us like children and worse children that someone else has to care for. Since we sin every day we need prayer, fellowship and forgiveness everyday. We are so busy holding people to the law that Jesus came to free us from. I met pastor Timms personally and he like many others gave me the impression that it was about the money. While my assessment is not up for debate what happens in marriages and in the church is no different than the world and that is because we have not let it go. I will say this when a divorce happens there are two people at risk with God; the cuprit and the victim. if adultery is the cause then the culprit has to deal with God in the now; but the victim may face it later because without forgiveness you can be forgiven. So if a person divorces for adultery the can follow the law or live in love or understanding and restore them and leave it behind or better as if it never happened. if they choose the law they cannot be forgiven until they forgive and permanent separation is not forgiveness. They certainly cannot assume the role as pastor since they have to live by what they believe. Christians need to be real and decide which standard to live by. if you are Christians and you follow God, then God extracts the judgement in ALL cases. But if you still want to straddle the fence and reserve some power for yourself we are not equipped to lead anyone and should not try to because unforgivness is sin because it is unrighteous and all unrighteousness is sin. Lets us press toward the mark of the High Calling In Christ Jesus.

  2. Karri Phillips said,

    This is 100 percent correct. Churches are in a mess because they have refused true prophets coming in to expose, reprove, and lead to repentence through Christ Jesus. We have an epedemic of the false and yes men rather than God’s truly chosen ministers. My heart also goes out to Zachery because noone loved him enough to tell him the truth and see him delivered. God’s Love means revealing the truth not helping to cover sin and assisting the devil in
    destroying the church and people’s lives. It’s time to truly repent and live for God.

    • Sylvester said,

      While I do agree God may be exposing those who are Preaching & Walking contrary to Biblical Instruction, judgement against those who may or may not rendered Spiritual Aide to Zachery Tims should be reserved. Unless you are familiar with the Stronghold of Drugs and Alcohol it would be difficult to understand how much effort probably went into Speaking the Truth In Love. Michael Jackson’s family tried countless times to intervene in his self destruction… he had them banned from even coming to his house ! So let’s not be to quick to assume who did or did not do concerning restoring the Soul of Zachery Tim’s

    • mannyicey said,

      I personally believe that churches are a mess because the pastors aren’t accountable and transparent to anyone. As a pastor, you would need some people that can ask you any question and you provide them with the truth. These people should have such authority that they can sit you down or even remove you from the pastorate. They should also be able to put in place a program for restoration.

      That’s what’s needed. I’ve seen people who call themselves prophets go into a ministry and try to find fault in pastors searching for power within these ministries. Rather than that, we should have churches that aren’t renegades, but connected and have a governmental structure that holds these pastors (and bishop) accountable.

      • Sylvester said,

        We all agree there SHOULD be ACCOUNTABILITY in THE CHURCH. The challenge seems to be holding FOUNDING CHURCH PASTORS ACCOUNTABLE. They set the stage and run the show. The FIRST thing they establish is the Inability to be removed for any reason ! Unfortunately, It is a Fearful Thing To Fall Into the hands of a Living God, they seem to forget this Truth.

        • mannyicey said,

          And that goes back to the laity, so to speak. I mean, if I was to join a church, I would have lots of questions concerning government. As a founding pastor, my father can be removed from ministry by a board in the case of breaches in fiduciary responsibilities and/or by a presbytery in case of spiritual abuses or moral and/or ethical breaches.

          As a founding pastor of a church plant, I can be removed by the whim of my father. I can also be seated by the oversight board, presbytery and/or my local board is case of any breaches of fiduciary, moral and/or ethical breaches.

          I wouldn’t join a ministry or association of churches that has one person that is over everything with zero accountability. I would only join organization that is ultimately governed by a board with mutual oversight.

  3. Dave Gilbert said,

    I realize this is not a forum, nor do any of you know me personally. I write this post as a disclaimer to assure all of you that it is not my intention to wield God’s word as a heavy hammer to beat down all “dissent”, but to point those of you who may be my brothers and sisters at what God says, not what man says.

    There is a subject in His Word that deals with the transforming of the mind by means of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

    I believe God has graciously begun this process many years ago in me and that, coupled with a sincere desire for the truth of said Word, my steadfast desire to be separate from false teachers and teachings in the IC has led me in the past to become overly critical-sounding…for that I ask forgiveness.

    I also realize many people who reply to this blog are in various stages of “coming out of her” ( as am I ) and I seek nothing but to exhort and encourage you genuine believers, indwelt with the Holy Spirit, to LISTEN and hear with a spiritual hearing what the Lord has to say on any subject.

    I have come to many time-worn conclusions about various issues among believers as well, and would be very happy to share those conclusions from Scripture.

    Having come from the background of being raised a fundamental baptist, I have a very detailed understanding of that mindset. However, having NOT been raised in a Catholic, Charismatic (which many of you seem to have been raised in) or Evangelical setting, I can only relate so far from what I’ve seen or experienced.

    For those of you willing, please feel free to contact me personally about any subject or post in which you feel I am in error, for I truly wish to be corrected by the Word of God and nothing else.

    As to this subject of Mr. Tims and his death meaning anything…on the surface this man appeared to be a false teacher, part of the popular IC from the Charismatic side and his life and death should serve as an example of how man can get so caught up in religion without regeneration. If I am wrong, God will show me and I will repent of my error.

    In Christ,

    Dave Gilbert

  4. Becky said,

    Pertaining to Riva, regardless of what she or anyone thinks, a woman is not a pastor. It is a man-made label, not God made. (1 Tim.3)

    • Kautina said,

      Thats not true because the bible say God can use ANYBODY!!!!! If the man is not willing then you mean to tell me that is should stop.? No! God wants a wiling vessel who want to be used by him to give him the GLORY!! Who are we tk JUDGE?

      • Dave Gilbert said,

        What parts of the Bible are you reading, that God gives His blessing on a woman in a position of elder, bishop, deacon or pastor? By the way, the term “pastor” is used mostly in Jeremiah, but there is also Ephesians 4:11 to consider.

        From all indications, I can find none that endorse this concept (that a woman should be a teacher)…but I can find several that say that a woman should be in subjection to her husband, NOT to teach nor to usurp the authority of a man.

        If a woman finds this offensive, perhaps she should take it up with God Himself. As born-again saints we not only have a responsibility to obey God, but a heart-felt DESIRE to do so. This applies to everything the Word of God says, whether we find it offensive to the flesh or not.


        • LGPJ said,

          …and from all indications I can find nothing endorsing whoredom, be it Husband, Pastor, Elder or Deacon. God watches over HIS WORD TO PERFORM IT….He said go ye …not just HE.

  5. LGPJ said,

    Has anyone noticed how the number 12 surrounded Dr. Tim’s passing ?
    He died August 12th, Rm #3711=12, and was reportedly terminated from TBN 30 days prior to his passing July 12th ? It makes you wonder.

    • LGPJ said,

      Perhaps, Nevertheless , New Destiny appears to see it differently.

  6. LGPJ said,

    You tube has posted a tribute from one of Pastor Tim’s former members , there will be a Memorial Trbute to Dr. Tim’s on Sept 18th @ NDCC. Had anyone noticed the date of his passing being the 12th, his room # 3711=12, and he was reportedly dismissed from TBN 30 days prior to his death which was July 12th ?

  7. i am so encouraged to see the truth on display for all. I will keep these truth ever present in my life and on my FB page for all to see. To God be the glory!

  8. LGPJ said,

    ….coupled with NATIONAL EXPOSURE , the pressure is overwhelming.
    Full time Ministry often is dependent on the offerings. No People..No Money ! Lifestyle and the maintenance thereof is key. No one wants to publicly humiliated for mistakes we are all capable of making. We depend so much on our Spiritual Leaders for guidance, we under estimate and often believe they live problem free..issue free. Dr. Tim’s passing is still a SHOCK ! There has definitely been a HUGE void in the Christian Community. Due to the circumstances surrounding his death there will always be speculations . Our prayers are much needed for those who remain-his family ! They will forever be effected by his death.

    • I agree, this one shocked me as well. All signs from Riva Tims even pointed to them possibly reconciling too. It is always sad when someone goes before their time.

      • LGPJ said,

        It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the four children were called to preach. That would be a Blessing to see. I know it continues to Rock Riva’s world…hopefully she will resume her position @ New Destiny…as Pastor. I don’t think the public will ever know the details of Dr. Tim’s passing, they still haven’t explained why it took two days before the public was aware he had died. Still so sad !

  9. mannyicey said,

    My father is a pastor of a church in Atlanta. He has been a part of a presbytery that oversaw recovering ministers as they fell into sin. Let me tell you, it is a situation that requires much prayer and wisdom.

    First of all, I cannot tell you of a single instance where it ended in total agreement. Most of the time, the felled minister will come back too soon, in the opinion of the presbytery. Some, however, will come back and be strong and never return to the sin. Others are like ticking time bombs.

    See, when pastors sin and are found out, their lives are shattered. The families are torn apart. Their money is gone. Many of them lose their house, car, etc. And they have that guilt that is associated with fallen pastors. And member leave: Many who have been with the pastor from the beginning and are considered his best friends. They leave. The church may split. All of this is devastating to the pastor because he may love and have prayed for all of these members, just to see them get hurt by what he or she did.

    All of this may motivate a pastor to return before it’s time. Or deny the sin in the first place. They see the work crumbling and would like to come back to save it.The bills may be overdue and they may want to come back to draw salary. They may see the family being worked over and would like to come back early to provide some stability. They may want to come back to keep the relationships with their members going.

    These are not excuses to come back early, but they are reasons that I have seen as to why people would come back early.

    • doug said,

      thanks for another prespective….and balance.

    • Thank you for sharing this experience with us mannyicey. It is good to know that we are caring for one another as a body. Ultimately people will do what their hearts desire, and do not always choose wisely. A presbytery of elders is biblical and encouraged.

  10. LGPJ said,

    Speaking of Billy Graham…..Billy Graham says ‘Even Though God Is Love, He Hates Sin and Will Bring Down Wrath Upon Those Who Are Disobedient’

    August 31, 2011 4:45 PM

    We in the church have failed to remind this generation that while God is love, He also has the capacity to hate. He hates sin and He will judge it with the fierceness of His wrath.

    This generation is schooled in the teaching about an indulgent, soft-hearted God whose judgments are uncertain and who coddles those who break His commandments. This generation finds it difficult to believe that God hates sin.
    I tell you that God hates sin just as a father hates a rattlesnake that threatens the safety and life of his child. God loathes evil and diabolic forces that would pull people down to a godless eternity just as a mother hates a venomous spider that is found playing on the soft, warm flesh of her little baby.
    It is His love for man, His compassion for the human race, that prompts God to hate sin with such a vengeance. He gave heaven’s finest that we might have the best; and He loathes with a holy abhorrence anything that would hinder our being reconciled to Him.
    What Does God Hate?
    What does God hate, you ask? Solomon answers the question in the book of Proverbs. We read: “These six things the Lord hates, yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that are swift in running to evil, a false witness who speaks lies and one who sows discord among brethren” (Proverbs 6:16-19).
    First, God hates a proud look. The Bible says, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). It says, “those who walk in pride He is able to put down” (Daniel 4:37). And again the Bible says, “Behold, I am against you, O most haughty one!” (Jeremiah 50:31).
    In almost every instance in the Bible, as well as in life, pride is associated with failure, not success. We hear a great deal about the inferiority complex, but the superiority complex of pride is seldom spoken of. Pride caused the fall of Lucifer, and he became Satan, the devil.
    Pride keeps thousands away from Christ today. What will my friends say? What will my family think? Will my reputation be affected if I become a Christian?
    Jesus said, “And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23:12). The entrance to the kingdom of heaven is gained through your coming in humility.

    • Dave Gilbert said,

      Respectfully, I disagree with the statement that “It is His love for man, His compassion for the human race, that prompts God to hate sin with such a vengeance.” It is instead His holiness and refusal to deal with rebellion to His authority, which is what sin IS, that makes Him hate sin so fiercely.

      There is a concept in the IC that “God hates the sin, not the sinner”. I would very much like for someone to prove this out by Scripture, because in all my reading I still can’t find it.

      I believe this concept has been popularized by those false teachers among us who raise John 3:16 to the top of the “flagpole” as the most important thing God has to say in His Word…it is NOT.

      ” It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.

      This means everything that He has to say must be taken within context, and with respect to whom it is speaking.

      With this in mind, I urge all of you to take another long look at Scripture, especially the Psalms and discover that God does INDEED hate the sinner as well as the sin…otherwise He wouldn’t throw men into Hell in the first place.

      However, because of His love for mankind in general, He has graciously provided a way to escape His judgment via the atonement that Christ made for us, and the intercession He continually makes for THOSE THAT BELIEVE.

      We as saints have that hope, thankfully.

  11. Resting said,

    Humbled…..thank you Lord for truth!!!

  12. doug said,

    God is not speaking to us thru Z’s death.

  13. doug said,

    God has given us His in fallible Word. if He had to speak to us or even tried to speak to us through any of means, what does that say about His Word? Or even His own belief in His Word? wouldnt that make His Word no longer in fallible to all creation?

    • I’m sure you meant “infallible” 😀

      God DOES speak to his people. Yes the Bible is here for our instruction and teaching, and the Spirit will never speak anything contrary to the bible, but he does speak. My sheep hear my voice…. God speaks in events, signs which he told us about in the scriptures, and speaks to the souls of his people. His voice isn’t filling the room LOL, but God speaks to his people… in more ways than one.

      • doug said,

        oh well so much for ..thanks..

        yes, i know those things……my disagreement is with the idea or mindset that Father would use this to tell us something His Word has already and is continuing to tell us.

      • Cary Skelton said,

        Thank you for that! Too many times we do not remember to counsel with the Holy Spirit. That is when I miss the mark and must seek My Lord for HIS Grace, His Mercy. That small, still voice that Elijah heard after he ran from the encounter with ba-al’s people, caused him to stop and re-evaluate just what God Has to Say about his situation! God is no respecter of persons! And He does “SAY” and if we listen, we will hear. Takes submission to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So, Amen! Set Free Indeed. Thanks for the timeliness of your remarks. In Jesus! Cary

  14. doug said,

    no, we havent learned anything. Z’s death is like a sign or wonder or etc. and we know or we should know thru our own lives and the examples of the children of israel tat signs, wonders, etc doesnt bring change or trust in God. we only learn by renewing our minds and obeying the Word. change has never come thru the ooooo and ahhhs of life.

  15. LGPJ said,

    … and while we’re being honest, we DO KNOW Dr. Tim’s does not stand alone in his addictions…sex or drugs, there are many other Pulpit Leaders, worthy of bearing the Title of ” Unspeakable Acts “. Have we really learned anything from Dr. Tim’s passing ?

    • For many there is no lesson, and they will continue in sin till God cuts them of. I pray they repent, but it isn’t looking good.

      • Cary Skelton said,

        Remember when the begger Lazarus died and went to Abrahams’s bosom? The rich man wanted Abraham to send Lazarus to his brothers and tell them about the outcome of “evidently” his life. Abraham said “….Even if a rose from the dead”. (Luke 16: 19-31). These are people that we loved, now they are dead. The death is not a sign or a wonder. It happened. Our lesson is to follow close after Righteousness, lest such a thing would happen to us.

  16. doug said,

    being holy is being exactly like God or meeting God’s mark. only one accomplished that. our holiness in based in what He has done. God didn’t judge Zach. God laid all judgement upon Christ for all sin. Zach if did OD, he yielded to a lie in his soul and chose sin which gave the enemy access to destory again. i dont know if he coulda repaired his family. i have to believe he tried. but people continuing on in service unto God without their spouses or family is nothing new. Moses had to deliver the children of Israel while seperated from his wife. So Z continuing in ministry without his family isnt that shocking. Does it take more than 3 months to be restored? I dont know… Once restored does that mean I won’t have to deal with those temptations ever again. of course not. Should he have stayed out of the ministry forever becoz of his errors? i dont know… Nobody working for God has ever been qualified except One. What if he had wanted to remain ‘sitted’ and the church family kept beckoning for him to return to the leadership? I understand the scriptures on church discipline and agree totally. but i also know the word of God is a living document. No, it doesnt change. it never changes but our understanding, knowledge, interptation of it change because we’re changing in our souls moment by moment if we’re renewing our minds. Very sad this had to happen.

    • Doug, thank you for responding.

      No one is good but God for sure, but we must remember the scriptures, the wages of sin is death. The elder’s charge isn’t to be perfect, his charge is to be an example and care for the sheep, and in his mistakes make it right. I believe fully that God will NOT allow an elder’s sin to be exposed publicly unless it has gotten to the point that they have ignored warnings from God and others. If sin is exposed publicly, trust me, there is a deep root of sin which is supporting it. Elders a very high standard to live up to, and I would say that many operating in that role today are not qualified to fill it.

      The bible is of no private interpretation. God’s interpretation is the only correct one, and those who listen to God, will know what the scriptures are saying. We cannot depend on the fickle will of man to determine biblical truth.

      God bless!

      • doug said,

        that wage of sin is referring to the sin of Adam. No one is qualified for their positions. So are you telling me that your 1st interptation of a scripture has never change throughtout your christian walk? if so, was your 1st interptation a private interptation? no, it wasnt it was the interptation you understood based on your level of growth. i think its a stretch to assume that he was living in sin without proof. this could have been a one time thing.

  17. Donald Mizell said,

    powerful word…. we got to do better

  18. Rachel said,

    There’s a new gospel that is pervasive in the church! The gospel of “Planning to sin because God will forgive you”. That’s absolute madness! What happens if you get run over by a mack truck, OD on drugs, or have a heart attack during adultery — yet while committing that sin? God forgives, but will your spirit go to meet Him in your death? God said to ‘be holy’. No one preaches that! They all preach about how ‘imperfect’ man is. This allows for their own sin from the pulpit and thus in the pew. No one preaches Christ’s Gospel, just psychological feel good messages. That road is wide to perdition, and many there be that find it. Narrow is the road to eternal life, and few there be that find it. We as Christians must stop the celebrityism. There is only One Star of Christianity and that is Jesus Christ. Small churches and mega churches must be accountable and keep Him at the forefront of the ministry and their own personal lvies. Its as simple as that. ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS ARE SO ON POINT.

    • “There’s a new gospel that is pervasive in the church! The gospel of ‘Planning to sin because God will forgive you.'”

      I couldn’t agree more Rachel. It seems like many leaders prime and prepare their congregations for their eventual exposure, and pump their heads with shaming language for using discernment.

      Great comments as well. God bless!

  19. Ron said,

    Let’s be honest. Zack, Jamal and Eddie have been living in sin for years. And if Zach didn’t OD and Jamal and Eddie didn’t get busted. .. they stilll be do it. I don’t blame these hustlers. I blame the people.

    For example, Eddie.
    How in world is Eddie Long still preaching? Seriously. Would you let him babysit your son? He is no longer qualified. I’m not judging. Eddie is bisexual.

    Hoe. That’s all.

    • Ron, this looks like the case. Sin this bad had already taken root a long time ago. Thanks for the response.

  20. Covered said,

    Very well written and totally from a loving, biblical perspective. Personally I believe that the spirit of PRIDE has so consumed some of us, that we would not hearken to the voice of God if He called us on the phone. I’m not sure about Tims ecumenical counseling because the truth is that he was back in the pulpit after 3 weeks. No, he did not preach but he ran the entire service. Jamal Bryant preached a sermon post his indiscretion entitled “I am still the man”. Eddie Long had 4 accusers yet 5 men were paid in the settlement and 3 of those men have come out in the past week talking openly and publically about the very sordid details! You’re right we are also to blame because we do not hold these leaders accountable however, how can you when you cant get close enough to them to even say anything? Although I am also troubled by all of these events, its not over. Judgement begins at the house of God. People have made a hustle out of God and HE will not be mocked. There are millions of dollars, endorsement deals, influence, power at stake…it has become a very intoxicating drug to some but in the end every thing not planted by God will be rooted up!

    Praying for all of my brothers and sisters in Christ that we pursue to demonstrate love amongst all men.

    • Covered, the great comments. These men are incredibly prideful, and God is going to bring them low if they don’t repent.

      The Eddie Long case… I’m tired of hearing about it. Those who remain there after countless warnings are probably due to receive the same judgment as the leader.

  21. LGPJ said,

    What a painful revelation ! I am reading his book also and one thing it doesn’t take long to figure out is Dr. Tim’s was very persuasive. The problem may have also been, that as the Founder/CEO of New Destiny
    it was impossible to sit him down for much longer than 3 months. Eddie Long made a public declaration HE WOULD NOT BE MOVED. I believe he founded and established New Birth. Short of the members taking a unanimous stand against his premature return, I doubt anyone would convince him to temporarily resign. I do agree his marriage, family, ministry, and soul care continued to hemorrhage, ultimately and unfortunately resulting in his death. A Tragic Loss To All.

    • LGPJ, you bring up an important aspect of all of this of which I will write about in the future. These leaders you have mentioned have associated themselves with their churches to such a degree that they would crumble without them. Members are attracted to the personality of the pastor, vs. the overall fellowship in Christ. The gift of pasturing is needed in the body, but it has been exalted in the body as the gift to end all gifts.

      Thanks for responding!

      • LGPJ said,

        I find it interesting Billy Graham has never been portrayed as “Mega Church” Pastor. Of course, we know he is wealthy, however, you never hear or see him flambouyant….admittedly, he’s no one I’ve followed too closely, nevertheless, a harvest of souls he has won.

  22. Joy said,

    Great insight! I firmly agree with your message.. Keep bringing the truth.

  23. Crystal said,

    This is wonderful

  24. Avey Owyns said,

    Very good… so well written.

    • SAMIAM said,

      Thank you for being obedient in writing this article of reproof. The bible says if my people who are called by my name will humble themself,,pray,repent,seek his face then will he come and heal the land….the land cannot be heal because God’s people who are called by his name have not humbled themselves,repented,prayed,seek his face…….No foundation laid other than the foundation Jesus the rock will stand for Jesus said upon this rock will I build my church,…his church not personalities,prosperity preaching,false doctrine,unrepented(true repentance) for true repentance have fruits……only the true bride the church that Jesus build will last….

    • You have a nice blog too. Thank for stopping by!

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